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Welcome to Cages 2 Wings!


Cages 2 Wings is an organization that provides innovative and interactive personal development workshops for at-risk youth. Our workshops are training tools for youth to embrace their four selves: Self-Knowledge, Self-Respect, Self-Worth, and Self-Esteem. Each of these selves must be nurtured, cultivated, understood, and disciplined to create an elevated mindset, a controlled emotional state and a life of excellence.

Whether youth are looking to learn how to resolve conflicts, control their emotions, think on a higher level, or learn how to manage their money, we provide the tools for youth to change the way they think about being a teen. Teen angst? Not on our watch. We can nip that in the bud. We also provide workshops for Butterfly Wings Productions members to create a foundation of self-esteem and confidence before youth embark on creative expression or a career in the entertainment industry.  Visit the website at  All workshops are offered free of charge and will open the doors for youth to spread their wings and fly to a life of excellence and freedom! Check out our services, and call us to make a free consultation appointment today or just sign up for one of our upcoming workshops!

Our Services Include:

  • Social/Life Skills Workshops
  • Resources for self-improvement
  • Brain Training Courses
  • Signature program kits/ekits
  • Teen Clubs
  • Teen Mastermind Groups
  • Job/Career Readiness
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Spiritual Rejuvenation
  • Transition programs
  • Image Consulting
  • Elegant Makeovers
  • Self Defense
  • Tai Chi

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Core Values

We at Cages 2 Wings are not in the habit of imposing our beliefs on others. We all have a set of values and morals that provide a path for excellence if we choose to follow them. However, it is sometimes difficult for youth to understand the concept of holding on to their values or even defining themselves by what they value and believe in. Therefore, we encourage the youth we serve and assist them in understanding the following very vital core values that the Cages 2 Wings staff live by and encourages youth to foster in their lives.

Personal security and personal power is our goal therefore our core values include:

Self-knowledge – to have knowledge or understanding of oneself, one’s character, abilities, motives is to be secure and powerful

Self-esteem – to have a realistic respect or favorable impression of oneself with self-pride, dignity and self-regard is to be secure and powerful

Excellence – to strive for or be excellent in all you set out to do regardless of failures or mishaps is to be secure and powerful

Innovation – to have the ability to use one’s brain to create something new or introduce something different is to be secure and powerful

Evolve – to continuously learn and grow and come forth gradually into your full being or potential is to be secure and powerful

Communication – to have the ability to listen, understand, empathize, relate verbally and non-verbally as well as speak your mind is to be secure and powerful

Connection – to be able to create a bond, union or link with others through intentional interactions is to be secure and powerful

Integrity – to have soundness of moral character and honesty and adhere to moral and ethical principles without compromising your character or reputation is to be secure and powerful

Perseverance – to have steady persistence in a course of action, purpose or state in spite of difficulties, obstacles or discouragement is to be secure and powerful

Strength – to be strong whether physically or mentally with vigor, firmness and courage is to be secure and powerful

Conscientiousness - to act according to one’s inner sense of what is right, and to be just, upright, honest, faithful, devoted and dedicated is to be secure and powerful

Consciousness - to have a sense of one’s personal or collective identity, to be aware of one’s own thoughts and motivations and to have full activity of the mind and senses along with the complex of attitudes, beliefs, and sensitivities is to be secure and powerful